AEGIS® Press Releases

  1. AEGIS® Announces Morgan AM&T Asia as a New Master Distributor
    August 2011: Electro Static Technology-ITW is pleased to introduce Morgan AM&T Asia as our newest exclusive master distributor for the AEGIS® Bearing Protection Ring product line in Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea. Morgan AM&T has been our exclusive master distributor in Australia and New Zealand since 2005.
  2. New Garlock SGi Combination Bearing Isolator/Shaft Grounding Ring Provides Complete Bearing Protection –
    Replaces AEGIS® Severe Duty SGR

    Mechanic Falls, Maine — The new Garlock SGi™ Shaft Grounding Bearing Isolator is the first seal of its kind to protect motor bearings from electrical damage as well as from lubricant loss and contamination.
  3. Universal Kit Facilitates Installation of AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Ring on Virtually any Motor
    Mechanic Falls, Maine
    — The AEGIS® SGR Bearing Protection Ring protects the bearings of VFD-driven motors from electrical damage, and the new all-inclusive AEGIS® Universal Mounting Kit (U-Kit) simplifies its mounting on virtually any AC motor shaft. Available from Electro Static Technology, the kit includes the proven AEGIS® grounding ring and mounting hardware for most motor designs. Ordered based on the NEMA "u" shaft diameter, the kit contains the correct size ring for the motor and four styles of brackets with bolts and lock washers that can be used in various configurations, depending on the contours of the motor’s end bracket.
  4. McQuay Parts Adds AEGIS® Bearing Protection Rings to Product Portfolio
    Mechanic Falls, Maine — Electro Static Technology (EST), manufacturer of the patented AEGIS® Bearing Protection Ring, is pleased to announce McQuay Parts, an HVAC manufacturer, is adding the AEGIS® Bearing Protection Rings to their current product portfolio. McQuay’s “Go Green” goals of energy-efficient and cost-saving upgrades and retrofits is a great fit with the AEGIS® SGR product line. McQuay distributors can now provide packaged system solutions that include a Variable Frequency Drive, motor, and bearing protection ring.
  5. Specify AEGIS® Installed Inside Your Washdown Motors
    AEGIS® Bearing Protection Rings can be factory installed inside washdown-duty motors. Internal installation not only protects motors from electrical bearing damage, but also protects the AEGIS® Ring from high-pressure spray, dirt, debris, and other contaminants.
  6. AEGIS® Announces their Distributor of the Year Awards for 2011
    May 22, 2012 (Mechanic Falls ME): Electro Static Technology is pleased to announce the 2011 Distributor of the Year awards. These four awards recognize outstanding sales and superior customer service of AEGIS® Bearing Protection ring technology. For the 3rd year in a row, Bartlett Bearing Company is the top winner for their outstanding sales campaign and exceptional customer service to the motor repair market. Bartlett provides expert advice and customer training in solving bearing current issues with AEGIS® shaft grounding technology.

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