AEGIS® SGR Solid & Split Ring with Clamps

uKit Split Ring, Solid Ring and brackets

Shaft Grounding Rings (SGR) for Low Voltage Motors up to 500HP

AEGIS® SGR Bearing Protection Rings are designed to divert bearing currents to ground by providing a highly reliable shaft grounding path. The AEGIS® shaft grounding technology prevents bearing "fluting" damage when motors are controlled by variable frequency drives (VFD). The "solid" AEGIS® rings are ideal for OEM installation, motor repair and upgrades to improve reliability.

Description: Standard models include "bracket mount" AEGIS® SGR, conductive epoxy mount, "bolt-through" mounting and even a "press-fit" version that easily presses into a bore. Easy-to-install the AEGIS® SGR is specified for HVAC, pumps, conveyors and any equipment controlled by PWM drives.

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  • Supply voltage: 600 VAC or less
  • Recommended Technology: AEGIS® SGR
  • NOTE: Motors over 100 HP - recommend isolation of one bearing and AEGIS® SGR on opposite bearing.


  • Design Type: AEGIS® SGR
  • Circumferential Conductive MicroFiber rows in FiberLock™ Channel
  • Rows of Fiber: 2
  • Fiber overlaps shaft 0.030" (.76mm)
  • OAL: 0.295" (7.5mm)
  • OD: Listed in AEGIS® Parts List


  • Internal or External
  • Select based on shaft diameter
  • Split or Solid versions available
  • Custom Brackets optional

Mounting Options

AEGIS SGR Bolt Through Mounting

AEGIS® SGR Bolt Through Mounting

  • Shaft diameters: 0.311" to 6.02"
  • Available with Flat Heads Screws or Socket Head Cap Screws
    • 6-32 x ½ flat head screws
    • M3 x 14 socket head cap screws and lock washers
  • 2 mounting holes up to shaft size 3.895"
  • 4 mounting holes for larger sizes

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AEGIS SGR Press Fit Mounting

AEGIS® SGR Press Fit Mounting

  • Shaft diameters: 0.311" to 6.02"
  • Clean dry 0.004" press fit
  • Custom sizes available

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AEGIS SGR with Conductive Epoxy

AEGIS® SGR - Conductive Epoxy Mounting

  • Shaft diameters: 0.31" to 6.02"
  • Split & Solid Ring
  • Quick and easy installation to metal motor frame
  • Conductive Epoxy included
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Product Sheets


AEGIS® SGR uKIT with Universal Brackets for
NEMA & IEC motors –
Solid and Split Ring

  • Fits "u" (d) dimension shaft diameter
  • Four different bracket styles
  • Screw on or epoxy mounting
  • View Product page


FORM 270-2-IEC



  • Product Line Overview
  • Solid, Split, Bolt Through, Press Fit, NEMA, IEC
FORM 105
Conductive Epoxy

Conductive Epoxy Product Sheet

  • VFD-Induced Shaft Voltage Damage Bearing
  • AEGIS® SGR - Electrical Bearing Damage Protection
  • Epoxy Mounting Installation Guide
  • View Product page
FORM 101-3
Garlock SGi

Garlock SGi Datasheet

  • Garlock SGi™ Shaft Grounded Bearing Isolators
  • Application Datasheet
  • View product page
FORM 105-4


See Selection Guide to determine the correct mounting options for your motor.

Parts List for AEGIS® SGR Solid Ring - English Hardware (parts with a -1 suffix)

  • Solid AEGIS® Ring
  • English Hardware: 6-32 x 1/4" cap screws, star washers, and brackets

Parts List for AEGIS® SGR Solid Ring - Metric Hardware (parts with a -2 suffix)

  • Solid AEGIS® Ring
  • Metric Hardware: M3 x .50 metric cap screws, star washers, and brackets