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AEGIS® SGR Solid Rings
For VFD controlled motors


AEGIS® SGR Bearing Protection Rings are designed to divert bearing currents to ground by providing a highly reliable shaft grounding path. The AEGIS® shaft grounding technology prevents bearing "fluting" damage when motors are controlled by variable frequency drives (VFD). The "solid" AEGIS® rings are ideal for OEM installation, motor repair and upgrades to improve reliability.

Description: Standard models include "bracket mount" AEGIS® SGR, conductive epoxy mount, "bolt-through" mounting and even a "press-fit" version that easily presses into a bore. Easy-to-install the AEGIS® SGR is specified for HVAC, pumps, conveyors and any equipment controlled by PWM drives.

Bracket Mounting
Bolt-Thru Mounting
Press Fit Mounting
Standard mounting with clips
Bolt-Thru Mounting
Press Fit Mounting
  • AEGIS® Colloidal
    Silver Shaft Coating

    Colloidal Silver Shaft Coating
    Recommended prior to installing
    AEGIS® Bearing Protection Ring

    Click on picture to learn more.

    Shaft diameters: 0.311" to 6.02" (8mm to 153mm)
  • SGR for larger shaft sizes available
  • Ships with 4 mounting brackets, screws and washers.
  • Quick and easy installation


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