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AEGIS® WTG - Wind Turbine Shaft Grounding Ring
Custom Split or Solid Ring Designs


Adding AEGIS® WTG to the dual inverted fed Wind Turbine Generator designs provides extended bearing life and high performance shaft grounding when used in addition to the existing slip ring shaft grounding system. AEGIS® WTG reduces costly down time and allows greater operating time to ensure optimum turbine performance.

  • 6 rows of conductive microfiber™
  • High current capable
  • Long term reliable performance
  • Up-tower retrofit capability
  • Available in Split and Solid designs.
  • Download test data



WTG Bet Practices
NEW! Click to download the AEGIS® WTG Best Practices Booklet. WTG Best Practices in Chinese

AEGIS® Colloidal
Silver Shaft Coating

Colloidal Silver Shaft Coating
The AEGIS® CS015 Colloidal Silver Shaft Coating is required with all WTG installations.  See Best Practices for shaft preparation. 

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