AEGIS® High-Frequency Ground Strap


Ensure Reliable Grounding for High-Frequency Currents

AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Rings give VFD-produced shaft currents a low-impedance path from the motor shaft to the motor frame. But the motor must also be properly grounded: there must also be a low-impedance path from frame to ground.

AEGIS® High-Frequency Ground Straps (HFGS) are specially engineered to provide a low-impedance path for high-frequency currents from the motor frame to ground, in accordance with several major motor and drive manufacturers' recommendations.

Together, AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Rings and HFGS ensure that potentially destructive VFD-produced high-frequency currents have a safe path from the motor shaft to the frame, and then from frame to ground.



AEGIS® High-Frequency Ground Strap

  • Flat braided tinned copper construction for low impedance to high-frequency currents
  • Standard 12" & 24" lengths; custom lengths and terminations available upon request
  • Pre-punched to fit bolts on standard motor foot
  • Ideal for use with AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Rings


Standard Part Numbers

12" & 24" AEGIS® HF Ground Strap

Termination 1 Termination 2 Fits NEMA Frame Sizes Fits IEC Sizes
Part Number: HFGS-T0410-R0312-12 (12")         
Part Number: HFGS-T0410-R0312-24 (24")
Punched hole
0.41" (10mm)
Ring terminal for 5/16" or 8mm screws* 48, 48H, 56, 56H, 143T, 145T, 182T, 184T, 213T, 215T 80M, 90S, 90L
Part Number: HFGS-T0660-R0312-12 (12")   
Part Number: HFGS-T0660-R0312-24 (24")
Punched hole
0.66" (17mm)
Ring terminal for 5/16" or 8mm screws* 254T, 256T, 284T, 284TS, 286T, 286TS, 324T, 324TS, 326T, 326TS, 364T, 364TS, 365T, 365TS 100S, 100L, 112S, 112M, 132S, 132M, 160S, 160M, 160L, 180S, 180M, 180L
Part Number: HFGS-T0940-R0312-12 (12")     
Part Number: HFGS-T0940-R0312-24 (24")
Punched hole
0.94" (24mm)
Ring terminal for 5/16" or 8mm screws* 404T, 404TS, 405T, 405TS, 444T, 444TS, 445T, 445TS, 447T, 447TS, 449T, 449TS 200S, 200M, 200L, 225S, 225M, 250S, 250M, 280S, 280M
Part Number: HFGS-R0312-R0312-12 (12")        
Part Number: HFGS-R0312-R0312-24 (24")
Ring terminal for 5/16" or 8mm screws* Ring terminal for 5/16" or 8mm screws*

Custom sizes and terminations available upon request.

* Screws Included



Installation Guidelines

  1. Ensure metal-to-metal contact at both terminations by removing paint
    or corrosion (down to clean, bare metal) at the motor foot and the ground location.
  2. Secure end with punched hole to motor foot.
  3. Secure ring terminal to metal ground.