AEGIS® Bearing Protection - Why Shaft Grounding?


Shaft Voltage Testing



Menu Button

Here is the CH1 menu.
Pressing MENU collapses it.

Pressing MENU again opens it back up.

The MENU button opens and closes the last menu viewed.

Auto Button

When viewing a waveform, pressing AUTO resizes the voltage and time scales to fit the waveform...

...and displays Vpp, right onscreen. This will remain until a menu is brought up.

Caution: Shaft voltage are highly random so using AUTO mode may give too large a timescale. This can be adjusted. See Setting Time Period.

Note: Noise from the VFD may also cause CH2 to be displayed - even if no probe is plugged into the CH2 BNC. If this occurs, press CH2 until the red trace disappears, and find Vpp using Measure or Cursors.

Run/Stop Button

While making measurements, RUN/STOP freezes the screen. When stopped, the word STOP will appear in the upper left of the screen.

This enables you to analyze the waveform more easily and save if desired.

Pressing RUN/STOP again resumes measurement. Stop with change to Trig'd or Auto.

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