AEGIS® Bearing Protection - Why Shaft Grounding?


Shaft Voltage Testing



Adjusting Waveform Position

Some waveforms may display too high or low on the screen. This often happens when using the MEASURE window (described on page 41).

The time can also be offset. The arrows under similarly move waveforms left and right.

Waveforms' onscreen position can be adjusted by offsetting the voltage.

The up arrow moves the waveform higher onscreen & the down arrow moves it lower. The current offset level is indicated by the blue 1 and arrow at the extreme left of the screen.

AEGIS® One-Touch™ Screen Capture Feature
Saving Images as .BMP on USB

  1. Plug in a USB drive - you will get a screen message "USB Flash Drive Plugged In!"
  2. Hold the SAVE/RECALL button in for approximately six seconds until progress bar appears near the bottom of the screen

  3. When finished saving images, simply remove the USB Flash drive and view .BMP on computer

Screen capture may be done either during a "live view" or when the screen is paused:

  1. Press RUN/STOP to pause the screen. Voltage & time scales can be changed while screen is stopped.
  2. When the bars have disappeared, press RUN/STOP to resume live view.

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