AEGIS® Bearing Protection - Why Shaft Grounding?


Shaft Voltage Testing



Peak to Peak Voltage (Vpp) with Measure

The AEGIS-OSC-9100 offers three methods to measure peak to peak voltage (Vpp): Measure, and Cursor, and Auto. Auto was described in the Auto Button Section.

Press CURSOR|MEASURE until the MEASURE menu appears. if Vpp is listed above F1, skip the rest of this section. Otherwise, press F1 to continue set up.


Press F2 TYPE. Choose Vpp, then press ►

Peak to Peak Voltage with Cursors

Press CURSOR|MEASURE until the CURSOR menu appears.

Press F1 MODE, select MANUAL, and press ►.

Note: if TIME displays over F2, press F2 until it changes to VOLTAGE.

Press F4 CurA and use the blue ▲ & ▼ to move the upper cursor (emphasized above) to the top of the discharge to be measured.

Press F5 CurB and use ▲ & ▼ to move cursor to the bottom of the discharge to be measured.

ΔV is the peak voltage of the discharge. For a better view, press MENU to collapse the cursor menu.

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