AEGIS® Bearing Protection - Why Shaft Grounding?


Shaft Voltage Testing



Taking the Measurements - EMI

Ground Reference Reading: EMI

  1. The reading displays ground noise or EMI being produced by the motor/drive system. This electrical noise may be present before and after installing the AEGIS® ring.
  2. Find 2 ground points on the motor. Must be bare metal and conductive.
  3. Place the SVP on one of the points and the probe grounding clip on the other point.
  4. Measurements will vary depending on the motor size and conditions.

Taking the Measurements - Shaft Voltage

Shaft Voltage Reading

  1. Shaft must be clean & free of any coatings, paint or other nonconductive material.
  2. Secure the probe in place with magnetic base.
  3. Align AEGIS® SVP on shaft end or side ensuring continuous contact. Avoid keyway if possible.
  4. Place oscilloscope grounding lead on bare metal of motor ensuring conductive path to ground.
  5. If this test is to be used in a report, save an image to a USB drive.

Follow all safety precaution when working with rotating equipment.