AEGIS® Handbook

AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Best Practices for New Motor Design, Motor Repair, Engineering Specifications, Shaft Voltage Testing, and Bearing Inspections.


Best Practices Handbook

Best Practices and Service Portfolio for Motor Repair and Service Providers

This handbook provides best industry practices for VFD driven motors to prevent bearing currents that cause fluted bearings and equipment downtime.

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The Handbook Contains:

  • Introduction-New Motor Repair Standards for Inverters
  • About VFD Induced Shaft Voltages & Bearing Currents
  • Bearing Frosting & Fluting
  • Cutting and Inspecting a Bearing
  • Shaft Grounding Best Practices
  • AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Technology
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Motor Repair Handbook Updates and Corrections (check for updates).

Remember to follow the ABCs of bearing inspection
Presented with permission from EASA.
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Motor Repair Datasheet

Motor Repair Datasheet for Bearing Protection Best Practices

Case Study: Cement Plant

Case Study-Cement  Plant – Monarch Cement protects bearings with AEGIS® iPRO Grounding Rings (click on image to download)

Shaft Voltage Report

Shaft Voltage Testing Report - click to download
(Word document)

Case Sutdy: Port Cranes

Case Study-Container Port Cranes – Pacific Container Terminal adds the AEGIS® iPRO Grounding Rings to their cranes (click on image to download)

Handbook Page 36- Selecting Correct Ring Size

Selecting Correct Ring Size

Bearing Inspection report

Bearing Inspection Report - click to download
(Word document)