Bearing Noise?

If The Motor Is On A VFD, That Squealing May Be Electrical Fluting Damage


Shaft Voltage from VFDs Damages Bearings

Motor with No Bearing Protection

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) on AC and DC motors create harmful electrical voltages on the motor shaft. If these voltages build up high enough, they will discharge through the motor's bearings, causing fusion craters, severe pitting, and fluting. Excessive bearing noise and eventually bearing failure is the result.


AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Ring

Motor with AEGIS® Bearing Protection

The AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Ring prevents electrical bearing damage by creating a path of least resistance. Current from the shaft travels harmlessly through the ring, instead of arcing through the bearings. The AEGIS® Ring's conductive microfibers™ provide the most reliable and long-lived current diversion of any shaft grounding system.

For more information, download or request a print copy of the AEGIS® Bearing Protection Handbook of best practices for bearing protection.

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Case Study: Cement  Plant – Monarch Cement protects bearings with AEGIS® PRO Series Grounding Rings

Shaft Voltage Report

Case Study-Container Port Cranes – Pacific Container Terminal adds the AEGIS® PRO Series Grounding Rings to their cranes