Garlock SGi™ Shaft Grounding Isolator

Garlock SGi

With AEGIS® Inside

Physical and Electrical Protection for Your Bearings

Designed for long-term total bearing protection, the Garlock SGi™- Shaft Grounding Bearing Isolator with an AEGIS Shaft Grounding Ring inside combines the best in bearing isolator and shaft grounding ring technology into a fully integrated unit that provides IP56 sealing against dust and liquid spray while diverting harmful electrical currents away from the motor's bearings to ground.

Garlock SGi Bearing Isolators are available for purchase through Garlock. Contact your Garlock Representative for pricing and delivery.


Three styles of SGi are available to fit your application's requirements:

  • SGi™ Solid Ring bearing isolator technology, the GUARDIAN™, with an AEGIS® SGR Solid Ring built in.
  • SGi™-180 Split SGi, designed to reduce installation time and keep your equipment producing.
  • SGi™-MT uses MICRO-TEC® filter technology with the SGi to effectively protect equipment in heavily contaminated environments.

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