Marathon Motors and AEGIS® Team Up To Launch New Line of UL-Listed Explosion Proof Motors With Factory-Installed Bearing Current Protection (“BCP”) System, Featuring AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Rings

Bearing Current Protection

WAUSAU, WI, JULY 30, 2013 — Marathon Motors, a Regal-Beloit company based in Wausau, WI, is proud to announce an industry-leading enhancement to its extensive line of NEMA Premium Explosion Proof Motors. With the growing emphasis on energy savings, specifying and process engineers as well as plant maintenance personnel have turned to variable frequency drives (VFDs) to reduce the energy usage of electric motors in their facilities. While energy savings are important, process reliability, uptime and safety (particularly in hazardous locations) are critical. It is well documented that VFD-sourced common mode voltage (CMV) can contribute to bearing failures in drive/motor systems. Unfortunately, unexpected bearing failure can offset much of the savings initially anticipated by the use of VFD’s. Effective shaft grounding helps prevent the destructive effects of CMV in these critical applications, facilitating maximum energy savings and reliability.

Marathon’s unique design, combined with AEGIS® SGR Shaft Grounding Ring technology and Marathon’s work with Underwriters Laboratory (UL), mitigates the risk of bearing damage. Installation of the AEGIS® SGR inside the motor enclosure (outside the “flame path”) is in full compliance with UL policy. Marathon’s Bearing Current Protection (BCP) System, featuring AEGIS® SGR, meets all UL requirements, while protecting the motor bearings.

Available across the entire product line and in stock through 50 HP, the Marathon XRI Severe Duty Explosion Proof motor with BCP provides maximum energy savings potential when used with VFDs, enhanced reliability and uptime, and the peace of mind end users demand from their motor/drive systems. Marathon is the only supplier of Division 1, Class I and II, explosion-proof motors with factory-installed AEGIS® SGR long-term protection from VFD-sourced bearing damage!

The Marathon XRI Severe Duty Explosion Proof motor is UL Listed and CSA Certified for use in virtually any process application. The product features cast iron construction, epoxy interior and exterior paint, the Max Guard insulation system, precision balance, thermostats and a generous 3-year warranty.

Are you tired of sacrificing energy savings or long bearing life in the name of safety? With Marathon’s new line of XRI Explosion Proof NEMA Premium Motors with AEGIS-installed BCP, you’ll never have to compromise again.

Since Division 1 Hazardous Locations involve the transportation and processing of large volumes of material, the cost of motor and process downtime due to bearing damage can be significant. With Marathon’s new BCP motors, the energy savings of VFD operation, long life and sustainability and the safety of a UL Listed/CSA Certified product can be yours today. You don’t have to compromise any longer…Insist on the FIRST AND ONLY Explosion Proof motor with Bearing Current Protection: Marathon Motors!

Potential customers may contact: Maria Hauer, Marathon Electric Motors, 100 East Randolph Street, Wausau, WI 54401, TEL: (715) 675-3311,,

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