AEGIS® SGR Solid Ring with Bolt Through Mounting

uKit Split Ring, Solid Ring and brackets

Shaft Grounding Rings (SGR) for Low Voltage Motors up to 500HP

The bolt through mounting design is an easy tap and drill installation used for internal and external installation. Many motor manufacturers and motor repair shops install the ring internally on the bearing cap.

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AEGIS® SGR with Bolt Through Mounting

  • Shaft diameters: 0.311" to 6.02" [7.9mm to 152.9mm]
  • Available with flat head screws or socket head cap screws
  • 2 mounting holes up to shaft size 3.395" [86.2mm]
  • 4 mounting holes for larger sizes


  • Supply voltage: 600 VAC or less
  • AC Motors Low Voltage (LV) up to 500HP [375kW]
  • DC Motors up to 300HP (225kW)
  • NOTE: Motors over 100 HP - recommend isolation of one bearing and AEGIS® SGR on opposite bearing.

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