Universal Bracket Mounting Options for External Installation

Our AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Ring with Universal Mounting Kit adds flexibility to your installation, with various brackets allowing for universal mounting options. These kits let you fit our rings to almost any motor design. Stock uKITs are available for NEMA frame sizes from 56 to 449T and IEC frame sizes from 132M to 355M.

NOTE:  For motors over 100 HP, we recommend best practices of one bearing and an AEGIS® ring on the opposite bearing.

For more details download the uKIT product sheet for NEMA (North America) or IEC frame motors.

Ukit Closed and Open
Ukit ring
ukit open
Ukit closed



  • Design Type: AEGIS® SGR
  • Solid Ring and Split Ring
  • Select Ring based on NEMA or IEC Frame size
  • Fits over slingers, seals, and shaft shoulders
  • Cicumferential Conductive MicroFiber rows in Fiberlock™ Channel
  • Rows of Fiber: 2
  • Fiber overlaps shaft
  • OAL: Depends on bracket selected. See bracket diagrams for details
  • Bolt Circle: See bracket diagrams
  • External mounting

The AEGIS® uKIT includes:

  • AEGIS® SGR Ring for shaft diameter “U” dimension
  • Four mounting bracket styles and hardware
  • Optional mounting with AEGIS® Conductive Epoxy, EP2400 (sold separately)


  • Supply voltage: 600 VAC or less
  • AC Motors Low Voltage up to 500HP (375kW)
  • DC Motors up to 300HP (225kW)