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GE Motors with AEGIS Installed

GE ASD Ultra®, Energy Saver® SGR, & Vertical Hollow Shaft Motors with AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Ring

GE Industrial Motors installs an AEGIS Shaft Grounding Ring (SGR) inside every ASD Ultra motor. Designed for optimized performance in tough industrial applications such as metal processing, plastic extrusion, winders, test stands, crane and hoist and material handing, ASD Ultra is the most durable and reliable general purpose adjustable speed motor, and the only one designed with built-in AEGIS Shaft Grounding Rings. More information is available on the catalog pages.

GE also offers a line of Energy Saver motors with an externally mounted AEGIS ring, the Energy Saver SGR. These come in ODP and TEFC enclosures, in frames 143T-326T. These premium efficiency motors are now available from stock in a range of sizes for variable speed drive applications. Learn more on these motors' catalog pages.

AEGIS rings also come stock inside two lines of GE Industrial Motors vertical hollow shaft motors: The Ultra+™ Vertical Hollow Shaft with WPI line (all sizes), and the Ultra™ TEFC Vertical Hollow Shaft Inverter Duty with Bearing Fluting Protection line (AEGIS in models over 40 hp).

Wolong also offers internal and external AEGIS rings as a mod on all GE Industrial Motors.

You can get a quick summary of GE Industrial Motors with AEGIS factory-installed in this brochure. For the complete catalog, see below. Or for a list of all GE motors with AEGIS installed, go to

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