Protect Electric Motor Bearings with Shaft Grounding Rings

Electro Static Technology’s AEGIS®️ Shaft Grounding Rings are used in millions of motors across the globe to prevent bearing damage and failure.

Electric motors run by variable frequency drives, or VFDs, are at risk of shaft voltage that can lead to premature bearing failure. Learn how the unique design of our AEGIS® Rings free you from the frustration and expense of unnecessary downtime caused by electrical bearing damage.

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Does VFD Switching Frequency Worsen Bearing Damage?

Does VFD Switching Frequency Worsen Bearing Damage?

At almost every Q&A session we hold, the question comes up:  “Does VFD switching frequency affect the risk of electrical bearing damage?”  This is a good question, but the only one-word answer is “Sometimes.”  That’s not very helpf…