Food & Beverage

dairy production

Food and beverage production involves electric motors running everything from conveyors to pumps to refrigeration compressors. Unexpected motor failure leads to the huge expense of unplanned downtime and possibly further losses from spoilage. It is imperative to minimize the risk of this failure. AEGIS(R) Shaft Grounding Rings are an important component of electric motor risk management.

bagels in bakery

Commercial Bakeries

In an effort to eliminate unplanned downtime, many bakeries are looking for ways to prevent motor failures by protecting bearings from VFD-induced electrical damage.

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dairy processing


Every step in the production of dairy products requires precise control of variables such as temperature, flow rates, line speed, etc. By precisely controlling the speed and torque of motors, VFDs provide tight control. But VFDs have their downsides.

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meat processing

Meat Processing

The motor studied was a 20HP 1765 RPM 256T frame motor that drove the hog kill main chain. High peak-to-peak readings from the motor shaft indicated that voltage was building up and discharging through the motor bearings.

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