Protecting Electric Motor Bearings in Industrial and Chemical Applications

industrial motor line

Operational disruption and downtime are a problem for any chemical or other industrial plant. When paper mills, steel-making facilities, or oil and gas producers can’t get product out, it not only creates a loss in immediate revenue, but it allows competitors to step in as a more reliable source.

Protecting electric motor bearings should be part of your organization’s resilience plan for the continuity of operations. AEGIS® Rings are used to help minimize these disruptions and have helped protect companies everywhere from unplanned downtime.

cement factory


The electrical supervisor at a large cement maker knew what the squealing sound coming from the bearings meant, and it wasn’t good. His efforts to solve the issue on one motor led to a company policy to add the ring in the shop whenever a VFD-controlled fan motor is overhauled.

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industrial warehouse picking

Distribution Centers

Running conveyors and brake motors at full speed uses a tremendous amount of energy. To eliminate wasted power, variable frequency drives (VFDs) are used throughout distribution centers. But solving one problem can lead to another. When a facility in Wisconsin identified an issue with shaft voltage creating bearing damage, a new solution was needed.

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industrial oil refinery

Oil and Gas

Oil drilling and pipelines often involve challenging environments. Dust, dirt, water, grease, and oil can interfere with the shaft contact of grounding devices and severely hamper their effectiveness. Several motor manufacturers have AEGIS rings preinstalled to prevent equipment failures.

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paper rolls lined up

Paper Mills

At a Midwest paper mill every new motor controlled by a variable frequency drive (VFD) is tested, and if shaft voltages are found, the motor must be equipped with an AEGIS Shaft Grounding Ring to divert damaging currents to the ground.

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pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical Production

Drug manufacture is an extremely energy-intensive process. In fact, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants in the United States alone spend billions of dollars on electricity and fuel each year. For most of these plants, HVAC accounts for the largest share of energy usage, followed by process equipment and compressed air systems.

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industrial molding


When a North Carolina plastics plant experienced premature bearing failure engineers wanted to know why. See what they found and what they did to keep operations running.

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container port

Port Crane

At a Pacific Container Terminal in Long Beach, California, huge cranes lift boxcar-sized containers, arranging them on trains, trucks, and ships. If the cranes aren’t working, the whole process comes to a halt.

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industrial pouring molten

Steel Mill

By diverting damaging bearing currents safely to ground, AEGIS Shaft Grounding Rings ensure the reliable, long-term operation of VFD-driven steel mill motors and systems.

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