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industrial facility

Motors need repair for a multitude of reasons. But to be sure that the problems that caused their breakdown doesn’t disrupt the motors operation again, it is imperative that every bearing in that motor be cut and inspected, notably those operated on a variable frequency drive (VFD). This is the only way to obtain the vital information that can help you prevent future bearing damage that will lead to expensive motor downtime.

ski resort

Ski Resort

The day-to-day operations of ski resorts require an enormous amount of energy. Variable frequency drives are an effective way of saving energy but can create harmful voltage on the shafts of the motors they control. This can result in ski lifts and snowmaking systems having to be switched off . In this context, AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Rings help to avoid large financial losses.

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luggage carousel

Airport Baggage

Mitchell Field Airport in Wisconsin discovered an issue with shaft voltages with their TC1 Console baggage handling conveyor system. After implementing the right solution, they were able to reduce peak-to-peak voltage readings by 80%.

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