LEESON Extreme Duck Ultra

LEESON's lines of Premium Stainless Steel motors and Extreme Duck motors, through 2 HP, now include motors having AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Rings (SGRs).  SGRs are needed in applications where motors are controlled by inverter drives, to eliminate the voltages that may damage the motor’s bearings.

Features include:

  • Premium stainless and Extreme Duck series
  • 1/2HP to 2 HP
  • Eliminate bearing currents from inverter use
  • Provide longer bearing life
  • AEGIS Shaft Grounding Ring installed internally
Leeson Duck Motors


LEESON Takes Bronze in the 2015 Plant Engineering Product of the Year Contest

EXTREME DUCK ULTRA IS ONE TOUGH DUCK: A bronze winner in Plant Engineering’s Product of the Year, the revolutionary new design of this motor ensures that liquids won’t penetrate the motor in any mounting position, plus it’s easier to install and connect because of unique non-wicking colored leads. Less corrosion, less operating costs. This motor has an option to include an AEGIS Shaft Grounding Ring for ½ to 2 HP.


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