Shaft Grounding Rings for Low Voltage Motors

The AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Ring is the standard for protection against variable frequency drive-sourced shaft voltage and bearing current. Each ring employs 360° of specially engineered conductive microfibers that surround the motor shaft in a multiple-row design to provide incomparable shaft grounding that keeps your bearings safe and working.   

The AEGIS® SGR product family includes several ring and mounting options to ensure reliable bearing protection no matter the details of your motor system. We have solid and split grounding rings, rings with a clamp-on design or bolt-through mounting, press-fit rings, and the ability to customize a ring for your specific needs.

Millions of motors around the world depend on AEGIS® rings because keeping motors running keeps business running.

Companies use Shaft Grounding Rings more than any other electrical bearing protection.  A few of AEGIS® Rings’ advantages are:

  • Low-to-No Maintenance – No ring or shaft maintenance typically needed after installation 
  • Environmentally Adaptable – Not affected by temperature, humidity, or atmosphere
  • Virtually Zero Friction – The fibers lightly touch the shaft with no spring pressure – less than 0.001” wear in 10,000 hours
  • 100% Circumferential Shaft Contact – Up to millions of discrete contact points
  • Proprietary Conductive Microfibers – Longest-lived shaft grounding in the world – 200,000 hours of wear life
  • Patented FiberLock™ Channel – Our patented design holds fibers securely in place for the best shaft grounding performance

For more details download the SGR Product Sheet.

NOTE:  For motors over 100 HP, we recommended best practice isolation of one bearing and an AEGIS® ring on the opposite bearing.

SGR Installation
SGR bolted