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The 2014 WEG Catalog: Featuring a New Line of Premium-Efficiency True-Inverter Duty Motors

In 2014, WEG released their 2014 motor catalog and their new line of NEMA Premium-Efficiency motors with AEGIS® inside. In February, 2016, they released an updated list of motors with AEGIS®.

Available in both ODP and TEFC styles from 1 to 100 hp, these motors combine the robustness of WEG design, efficiency of NEMA premium standards, and the simplicity of AEGIS® shaft grounding protection against bearing currents.

WEG unveils their new Rolled Steel Line with AEGIS® at AHR 2014

At the AHR show in January, WEG unveiled their New Rolled Steel Platform for Integral Motors.  These motors have an option for AEGIS® inside.  See brochure for details.

WEG Electric Launches New Line of NEMA Premium Efficiency Motors
with AEGIS® Rings Installed

Recognizing the need for long-term bearing protection on inverter-duty motors, WEG Electric Corp. has announced a new line of open drip-proof motors with AEGIS® Bearing Protection Rings installed at the factory.

Specifically designed to provide maximum ventilation for cooler operation.  Sizes 254T and up have cast-iron frames with regreasable ball bearings.  Other sizes have rolled steel frames with permanently lubricated ZZ ball bearings.  AEGIS® Bearing Protection Rings are installed as a standard in motors up to 100 HP for RPM ratings of 1800 and 3600.

AEGIS® Rings may be installed on other WEG motors upon request.

Inverter-duty rated, they have Class F insulation, Class H impregnation resin and magnet wire, and AEGIS® Rings installed externally.

WEG Premium Efficiency Motor with AEGIS

WEG NEMA Premium® Efficiency ODP motors are inverter-duty rated and come equipped with AEGIS® Bearing Protection Rings installed. Sizes 254T and up (shown above) are availalbe with cast iron frames and regreasable ball bearings. Other sizes come with rolled steel frames and permanently lubricated ZZ ball bearings (shown below)
WEG Rolled Steel Motor with AEGIS

WEG Electric also offers a number of state-of-the-art variable frequency drives designed to exceed industry expectations.  These motors (and drives) are available through WEG distributors.  To locate one near you call
1-800-ASK-4WEG or visit

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