Toshiba Motor with AEGIS SGR
A Toshiba motor with AEGIS installed at

Toshiba Electric Motors

Realizing that VFDs can destroy motor bearings through stray electrical currents, Toshiba offers AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Rings as a factory modification. AEGIS® Rings give stray current a non-destructive path to ground, protecting motor bearings from electrical damage.

Toshiba highlighted this new mod at the TECHNO FRONTIER 2017 expo, where they exhibited motors with AEGIS installed. The AEGIS shaft grounding option can be found in their 2017 Japanese catalog (translations are in progress).

Presently, AEGIS rings are available in Toshiba permanent magnet motors and induction motors: IE3 grade and brake motors.

Toshiba Industrial Products & Systems Corporation manufactures electric motors of up to IEC frame size 225. Larger motors are made by Toshiba's sister company, TMEIC.

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