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Unimount® Inverter Duty Motors with AEGIS

Nidec US Motors' UNIMOUNT motor line comprises some of the most versatile general purpose motors in the industry today. They come with a broad range of mounting options and are well-suited to a range of HVAC and other applications.

Inverter Duty Unimount motors are ideal for variable speed and variable torque applications. They include an INVERTER GRADE® insulation system to protect the stator windings, and motors larger than 140 frame now include an AEGIS Shaft Grounding Ring to protect the bearings from stray current.

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Vertical HOLLOSHAFT® High Thrust Motors with AEGIS

US Motors is an leader in the vertical hollow shaft motor market. HOLLOSHAFT Motors are ideal for use on turbine, mix flow, and propeller pumps. And now their CORRO-DUTY® premium efficient inverter duty motors are 100% ready for use on variable frequency drives.

All CORRO-DUTY HOLLOSHAFT motors include an Inverter Grade® Insulation System and an internally mounted AEGIS Shaft Grounding Ring to protect against capacitive bearing currents. Motors rated 100 hp and above include an insulated upper bearing to protect against inductive circulating currents.

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World Motor® Inverter Duty Motors with AEGIS

World Motor is a line of horizontal cast-iron TEFC motors for severe duty. World Motor lines include HOSTILE DUTY™, CORRO-DUTY, 841 PLUS®, and Inverter Duty™. The World Inverter Duty line is an enhanced version of the HOSTILE DUTY line that includes several protections to improve the motors reliability when they are run by variable frequency drives (VFDs).

These protections include an internally-mounted AEGIS Shaft Grounding Ring. The AEGIS ring protects the motor from electrical bearing damage caused by the VFD's output voltage. Between their high-grade insulation, AEGIS shaft grounding, and other features to protect against electrical damage, these Inverter Duty motors live up to their name.

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US Motors also offers AEGIS Shaft Grounding Rings as a mod for their other World Motor lines, and the rest of their motor lines.

VariTough® – a Commercial Condenser Motor with AEGIS Protection

VariTough Inverter Duty Motors are designed for commercial condenser units operating on a VFD.  These motors operate in a multi motor environment with one VFD.  Motors are designed to meet NEMA MG1-Part 31 design guidelines.

VariTough motors offer a more effective solution to protect the bearings where shaft voltage may be an issue.  Each motor has an AEGIS SGR Bearing Protection Ring included/mounted on the motor, providing an alternative path for electrically grounding the shaft.  The ring is included/assembled with the VariTough motors, and is also sold separately as an accessory kit.  See this brochure for additional information.