AEGIS® Installed in Hazardous Locations


AEGIS® in Hazardous Environments

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has an approved set of procedures for installing AEGIS shaft grounding rings inside explosion proof (XP) motors. XP motors with AEGIS rings installed according to these procedures may be used in Class I: Division 1, and Class I: Division 2 designs. Because shaft grounding devices must be installed inside explosion proof enclosures (as per IEEE 303) for Class I: Division 2, they may not be installed internally or externally in/on a non-XP motor.

At this time, Marathon Electric (Regal Beloit), US Motors (Nidec), WEG Electric, and Baldor (ABB) are the only electric motor manufacturer building XP motors with AEGIS shaft grounding protection installed inside.

Marathon's offerings range from 3 HP (182T Frame) to 50 HP (326T Frame). For more information on Marathon Hazardous Duty™ motors with AEGIS Inside, see this brochure. For catalog numbers and pricing, see the highlighted “-P” motors on the Hazardous Duty™ pages of the 2014 catalog.

US Motors also offers stock Hazardous Location Inverter Duty motors with internal AEGIS shaft grounding rings. Constant torque dual label XP motors are available in both totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) and blower-cooled (TEBC) enclosures. Variable torque single label models with AEGIS are available in TEFC. For more details, see this excerpt from the US Motors PB202 catalog.

WEG Electric offers AEGIS as a mod NEMA Explosion Proof motors in the US, and in the EU, the W22Xd line of flameproof motors, which comply with the ATEX Directives. For more information, see the brochures for their Explosion Proof or Flameproof W22Xd lines. (Note: the W22Xd brochure is a 26 MB download).

Baldor/ABB Motors & Mechanical explosion proof motors can also have an internal AEGIS ring added as a mod.

UL Approved Electric Motor Repair Companies

To install AEGIS rings in explosion proof motors a motor repair shop must first be UL approved to work on all XP motors. They must then apply for certification for the addition of adding shaft grounding to their UL binder and then demonstrate adherence to the additional set of procedures required for installing shaft grounding inside of XP motors.

Motor repair shops with UL certification to work on XP motors and certification of their ability to add shaft grounding can "rework" any size explosion proof motor and then re-nameplate the motor as explosion proof. The drawing below was created by UL to show where the ring must be installed to comply.

Diagram of AEGIS Ring installed in an Explosion Proof Motor

Companies with UL Approval for AEGIS Grounding Rings:


A+ Electric Motor
Contact: Joe Perry
2025 1st Ave S
Billings, MT 59101
Ph: 406 245-6191

Associated Electro-Mechanics
Contact: Tim Aarons
185 Rowland St
Springfield, MA 01107
Ph: 413 233-5914

Decatur Industrial Electric
Contact: Daniel Lang
1650 E Garfield Ave
Decatur, IL 62526
Ph: 217 428-6621

Evans Enterprises, Inc. — all 10 locations

Conway, AR
Contact: Derek Lynch
1710 South Amity Road
Ph: 501 327-0125         

Fort Smith, AR
Contact: Steve Day
800 621-3589 - Toll Free
479 648-1500 – Phone

Rogers, AR
Contact: Steve Day
800 346-4695 - Toll Free
479 636-0721 – Phone

Springfield, MO
Contact: Bryan Whitman
800 375-8363 - Toll Free
417 886-8886 – Phone

Oklahoma City, OK
Contact: Shawn Andrews
800 423-8267 - Toll Free
405 631-1344 – Phone

Pryor, OK
Contact: Bennie Beneux
888 262-2256 - Toll Free
918 825-2200 – Phone

Tulsa, OK
Contact: Bennie Beneaux
888 577-1566 - Toll Free
918 587-1566 – Phone

Abilene, TX
Contact: Jerry Boroff
325 235-1776 – Phone

Waco, TX
Contact: Jerry Boroff
800 234-4129 - Toll Free
254 772-4710 – Phone

Wichita Falls, TX
Contact: Jerry Boroff
800 633-0812 - Toll Free
940 723-7466 – Phone


FA Farrar
Contact: Kevin Judd
15 Avon St
Keene, NH 03431
Ph: 603 352-4316

HECO — All Systems Go
Contact: Justin Hatfield
3509 South Burdick Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49001
Ph: 269 381-7200

Independent Electric Machinery Co.
Contact: Dave Launder, Jr
4425 Oliver Street
Kansas City, KS 66106
Ph 913 362-1155

Industrial Electro Mechanics
Contact: Steve Carbone
1624 Dean Forest Rd
Savannah, GA 31408
Ph 912 964-0884

Intermountain Motor Sales
Contact: Jim Stout
2101 North 6 Mile Road
Casper, WY 82604
Ph 307 472-0854

Malloy Electric
Contact: Customer Service
Dakota Dunes, SD 57049
Ph 605 242-2000

Koontz-Wagner Services
Contact: Berl Hare
3801 Voorde Dr
South Bend, IN 46628
Ph 800 345-2051

Matlock Electric Co., Inc.
Contact: Kevin Flynn
2780 Highland Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45212
Ph 513 731-9600

Troy Industrial Solutions
Contact: Dave Cook
70 Cohoes Rd
Watervliet, NY 12189
Ph 518 272-4920

Vaughn Electric Co., Inc.
Contact: Kirk Kalb
313 E Florida Ave
Union City, TN 38261
Ph 731 446-4333

Whelco Industrial
Contact: Tom Fisher
28210 Cedar Park Blvd
Perrysburg, OH 43551
Ph 419 385-4655