AEGIS® Bearing Protection - Why Shaft Grounding?


AEGIS-OSC-9100 Setup and Parameters




The following pages describe the settings and parameters we use to capture shaft voltages. For ease of use, the factory settings are preset for shaft voltage measurements.

To demonstrate, we will use the AEGIS-OSC-9100 Shaft Voltage Tester™ - a 2 channel - 100 MHz Digital Oscilloscope designed to easily capture shaft voltage measurements on operating equipment. Refer to your owner’s manual or quick start for detailed instructions and explanations of other advanced functions.

The AEGIS® Shaft Voltage Tester™ may be reset to factory settings at any time using the procedure below.

Setup: AEGIS SVP Tip Installation

probe, with sleeve removed
  1. The AEGIS® Meter probe has an insulating sleeve over the tip. Do not remove this sleeve.
attach ground lead
  1. Set the probe to 10X.
Install the AEGIS SVP tip over the probe tip
  1. Secure the AEGIS® probe tip using the thumb screw. Be careful not to over-tighten.
Secure the tip to the probe using the thumb screw. Be careful not to over tighten
  1. Connect 10:1 probe into Ch 1.

Setup: Factory Settings/Reset

  1. Press SAVE/RECALL
  2. F1 TYPE. Choose FACTORY. Press ›
  3. F5 LOAD

Default Parameters Included:

  • DC Coupling
  • Waveform Sampling
  • Peak to Peak Voltage (Vpp) displayed on Measure screen

For the full list of factory settings, see the user manual included on the flash drive or online.

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