AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Literature


AEGIS Videos

Protect Your Electric Motors
with AEGIS Rings

AEGIS Two-Year Warranty
- from 2018 EASA Convention

AEGIS vs. Common Mode Chokes:
Head to Head Test

After Common Mode Chokes Fail,
AEGIS Protects Motor Bearings

Before and After AEGIS
Ring Installation

AEGIS Shaft Voltage Tester
- from 2016 EASA Convention

AEGIS PRO Series Rings
- from 2016 EASA Convention

AEGIS Training Video

AEGIS Ring Installation with
Conductive Epoxy

Introduction to AEGIS
Shaft Grounding

How to Cut a Bearing

AEGIS at AHR 2011

AEGIS® Affiliate Videos

Preventing VFD Motor Failure
with Bearing Gard™
by Flowserve

Shaft Voltage Tester™
by Motion Industries

Design & Solve: Protect Your Motor's Bearings
by Kaman Distribution

MiHow2 - AEGIS® -
Bearing Protection Rings
by Motion Industries

Shaft Grounding Rings
on Electric Motors
by Brithinee Electric

Bearing Damage Analysis
by Reed Electric

MiHow2 - Ways to Minimize
Shaft Currents
by Motion Industries

SGI Demonstration
by Garlock Sealing Technologies