Shaft Grounding for the Transportation Industry

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Whether you are moving people or products, unplanned downtime is a very expensive problem in transportation. Although there are some things that can’t be prevented, such as weather, others are very much in your control.

AEGIS® Rings are used in airports, rail trains, ships and other marine vessels, and even electric vehicles to avoid electrical damage to motor bearings. Learn about the problems created by controlling motors with variable frequency drives (VFDs), and how shaft grounding has protected those in the transportation industry from suffering through unplanned downtime.

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When a bulk carrier experienced electrical erosion in the main auxiliary reduction gears that drive the ship’s generator responsible for providing power to many of its electrical motors was lost, the outlook was grim. At a cost of $10,000 for every day they remained in port, they needed a solution that would not only fix their immediate problem, but prevent it from happening again.

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Electric trains’ traction motors are commonly powered by inverter drives. But these drives cause premature motor bearing failure, leading to expensive downtime and repairs. Bearing protection is needed to keep these motors running reliably.

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