Custom Static Solutions

Custom Designed Solutions

Typical Applications:

Your goal is to reduce costs, improve operations, and increase quality.  Our goal is to understand your unique needs and develop an innovative solution that works for you.  

Our application engineering team has years of experience in integrating design in medical equipment, electronics manufacturing equipment, aerospace applications, and industrial process equipment. We work with customers during the project definition phase to help engineer solutions that best meet the application requirements.   Our expert knowledge of static mitigation and control has helped developers reduce design time and achieve rapid system readiness. 

Brush and Ring Technologies for Unique Applications

FLX-P™ Conductive Acrylic Fiber Static Dissipative Brush

Exceptional performance in a cost effective flexible brush. The FLX-P static dissipative brush is manufactured using Electro Static Technology’s time-tested methods to provide exceptional performance, consistent reliability, high quality and low cost. The FLX-P adds improved performance, exceptional value in high volume, and in cost control over aluminum, aluminum tape, woven and non-woven static control devices.

  • Inkjet printers
  • Multi-Function Printers
  • Automatic Document Feeders
  • Kiosk printers
  • Credit Card Readers